Let’s decorate my house!

So hey you guys! How have you been?


I have been dreaming all day about decorating my house..  in my mind it is completely decorated,  I just need the moolah, haha.

Here are some projects that I am thinking about doing:

First of all I am thinking about putting down fake wood flooring in all the house except the kitchen and bathroom


Make a ‘ built in closet’ around our bed

bedroom22Build a bed tray table


Living Room

1. Paint my front door bright red

2. Buy a brown couch, still can’t decide if I want my couch in a U or L shape, help anyone?

3.  Put down a red rug

4. Our table is dark brown with black seats and a black spinner in the middle. I want to cover the black spinner in red mdf and the black seats in red printed material

5. Make red printed curtains to match the seats

6. Our tv rack is dark brown with a black door on it, I want to either paint the black piece red, or put red mdf on it.

7. Paint a wall red

8. Put up a rectangular mirror 150×100 over the table

9.  Hang up some redmaterial decorations I made:

red10. Also related, a friend of mine is going to sew basket covers for the basket I bought in the same material

tiskettasket11. Cover the light fixture button things in printed material to match

12. Make a hanging colored lampshade to go over the table

13. Still thinking of a few ideas, haha



I am meditating on what to do in the kitchen.. I need everything out of there so I can think how I can change things up a bit.


It’s already remodeled.. I just need to hang up some baskets on the wall and a shelf under the sink

Second Bedroom

I’m playing around with two ideas..

First Idea-Make a room with a daybed and rest area also with some built in closets

Second Idea- Make a walk in closet

Third Bedroom-

This room is for my hubby to do whatever he likes… I believe he will make an office


Here are some pics of our house as it is now.. This is with alll the owner’s furnishings.. NONE of which will stay in the house when she leaves

ap1 ap2 ap3 ap4 ap5 ap6 ap7 ap8Sigh, the house as it is has potenial in my opinion.. but it just seems DULL the way it is.. I want to organize everythiing and spice things up! all I need now is the moolah, as always!!






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