How to Do the Brazilian Finger Snap

So  I participate in a group on facebook called Gatas com Maridos Brasileiros and someone posted a question yesterday asking if anyone knew how to do the Brazilian Rapido Rapido Finger Snap.. Well, I did…and apparently nobody else did.. and since they didn’t understand my written instructions, I had to make a video where I look like a complete moron, my face is all greasy and oily from working all day and I don’t have a manicure because I haven’t freaking had time. But anyhow…. here goes nothing: how to do the Brazilian Rapido Rapido Finger Snap!


Sock Bun

So I finally learned how to do a sock bun on my hair! I showed a pic last week of just the front view, now I decided to finally take pics and show the back view!


I just recently discovered I have a freakishly red mark on the back of my neck.. Apparently it’s a birth mark I never knew about!

I decided to do this hairstyle today because it was a rainy day and I REALLY need a hair trim ( set up for Saturday at 9 30 am.. someone please remind me!) and my hair just has been plain boring recently. Which is why I figure a hair trim will help things out:)

Completely changing subjects, Changes are going on at my office that I am LOVING, Soon I will not be working alone anymore. My brother and sister in law are going to start teaching math, portuguese, and science classes here at my office. We have been working on revamping things here.. I just need to finish cleaning the front desk part today, and organize the middle room. When everything is done I will post pics:D

See you guys soon!

Good Morning!



Good Morning Everyone! Did you sleep well? I did, haha I just didn’t want to wake up!

Yesterday I woke up with a urinary tract infection- talk about painful! It was a continuation to one that started on Sunday but I thought had gone away. I started taking cystex for the pain again.. but it took forever to start working. ( I took it at 7 am and the pain started lessening at 11 am , so yeah..) Thankfully, I have some awesome friends who gave me antibiotics and soon I will be much better:) The only problem is that antibiotics make me extremely naseous.. so I woke up already naseous this morning and it still hasn’t stopped:(  This makes me wonder if when I get pregnant I will have morning sickness, and if it will much worse than this if I can handle it, lol

On Tuesday night I went to a supermarket and was MORE than excited to see this:



Lactose Free Ice Cream! 

For the first time ever, Lactose free ice cream is available in Londrina! I was reeeaaaaaaaallly happy about this! ( For those of you who live in Londrina I found it at Mercadora Grocery Store on JK Avenue) The taste is spectacular and the texture is pretty good- kind of like a yogurt ice cream with huge chunks of strawberries in it.. It was spectacular!

Anyhow, I guess that it’s for today.. I’m going to go sleep off the nausea, See ya later!

Yellow and Orange

A few months ago I bought an amzing dress on clearance at Zara. It’s actually ironic that I chose this dress because the color is not something that I could usually choose and the fact that the underskirt was the new style of only being to the knees- which was something that I said I would never, ever wear! Now, when I saw the dres I immediately fell in love with it, without being able to say why. Perhaps because of the sophistiucated look. It’s more of an every day, or going out for lunch or summer dinner kind of dress. Some people said I could wear it to a wedding, but I highly disagree, I believe it is too casual for Brazilian weddings.

So I introduce to you, The Dress:Downloads-001Orange/Red and Yellow Dress, paired up with thich, red heels, and hair in a bun.

It took me a while to wear this dress because I needed to get it hemmed and I couldn’t find a seamstress. Finally, i was able to take it to a seamstress and get it hemmed up for cheap! The first day I wore it was on Sunday to have lunch out with my hubby, it was a warm day out so it was perfect for wearing the new dress!

I finally learned how to make a hair bun with a sock.. the trick for my ahir was doing it with WET hair instead of straightened hair ( the ends would all stick out) I also learned that I need to buy hair bands and bobby pins for my home, lol. I have some at my office, but none for home! I found it strange to wear my hair out of my face, for those of you who know me..  you know that I NEVER wear my hair up! I did, however, love the elegant look that it gave!

My jewerly is the same as always. I never switch it up because I have some serious allergies. I can’t wear anything gold or silver plated because it gives me an instant allergic reaction. I can only wear full silver or gold pieces, and since I’m poor I only have the silver necklace I bought to wear on my wedding day ( which I haven’t taken off since my wedding day), A silver ring that my grandfater gave me when I was 14 ( I have never taken it off my finger ), my gold wedding band , a gold plated wedding band accessory which is temporary until I can buy the real thing ( the wedding band accessory started giving me allergies when the gold started coming off, so sometimes I canbt wear it!!), and a pair of silver earrings that I bought on my honeymoon since I lost my other pair of silver earrings on my wedding day.

The only thing I wish about this dress is that I could pair it up with a short sweater- but I don’t have a short sweater and don’t intend to buy one just yet! hahaha



Please, Wash Your Hair!

Ok, so if there’s one thing that REALLY irks me.. is when people don’t wash their hair and they turn up for work or for an event looking like this:

oily-hairCome on you guys, for goodness’ sake! Do you think that just because you pulled it back into a ponytail NO ONE is going to notice how freakishly dirty your hair is? I mean, come on. Stop being lazy and at least WASH your hair. I mean, how lazy can you possibly be?

If you REALLY had no time to wash your hair.. pull it back into a cute bun and at least psray dry shampoo on your roots. If you are too poor to buy dry shampoo just sprinkle a little bit of this:baby powderYes, baby powder.. it works- TEMPORARILY! This is for EMERGENCY situations ( like, you spent all night at the hospital and need to work the next day) when you have nothing else at hand and need to go someplace that morning. Just this, please. Don’t make it a habit because you’re lazy. You have no idea how many woman I head saying their hair is dirty because they just weren’t up to washing it. Honestly? That’s just gross.

So please, do us all a favor and heave nice, clean, presentable hair!

Disclaimer: This is to no one in particular, just some musings I had this week. So don’t get defensive!


High Five for Friday

What were this week’s highlights??

Today at four pm we will be picking up the house documentation!! Then on Monday we take it to the bank, then it takes 15 more days for the owner to leave the house and thennnn ta ta ta ta tum!!! It’s all ours!!! Yay!!!!

School classes have slowly been creeping back to normal, haha

Someone crashed into my husband’s car while he was in the supermarket.. but thankfully he wasn’t in it, so he didn’t get hurt. The bad part is that since we didn’t have insurance and it was a hit and run, so we have to pay for it:/ Thankfully God is taking care of how we are going to pay for it.. so I’m not going to worry!

Tonight is a Saint Patrick’s Day party at school – everything green! I just didn’t have time to make green decorations this year:/

Tomorrow’s Saturday!


haha, as you can tell , I haven’t been up to much.. and I still haven’t rememdered to take pictures- I will try my best this week though!





So I may just be a little  addicted  to the HOUSE series, I started watching it from the first season, I am now at the end of the fourth season. I can’t watch too many episodes at once if not it gets tiresome., it ends up seeming the same thing- lol

I love watching how thinsg evolve within the characters, in my opinion it’s more interesting than the case they solve in itself, haha

I am a cheater at watching series though, I always read ahead on wikipedia what’s going to happen. So basically I already know the grand final in season 8, but I can’t wait to watch it!

What series do you enjoy watching??