Well, these past few days I have been working on two serious challenges in my life..


The first is losing weight. It’s been really difficult for me to lose weight, I believe that I have been eating too many sweets and carbohydrates, so I have been trying to make heathier substitutions. For lunch I’ve been choosing salads.. I found a restaurant that has an excellent salad bar, which is something usually difficult to find here in Brazil. It doesn’t seem like they have the custom of eating salads instead of a meal. I’ve been tyring not to snack during the day or if I do I choose a fruit or granola bar. Well see if this starts working, I need to exercise, but I can never seem to find apropriate time!


bible6The second thing is something that my hubbie and I are working on. We are trying to read the Bible in 5 months. This is really proving to be a challenge since it is something that needs to be done everything. So far I am liking it, I just need to keep up the reading. Basically we have a study plan where you read 8 chapters a day. I started a week ago and am already on Exodus 7.


What are some challenges that you guys started this year?


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