On My Bookshelf

Recently I have been reading much more than usual, since my husband has now gone back to studying I have taken up some more reading. During my vacation I read two spectacular books,

book1The Pillars of the Earth- Ken Pillar

It’s a spectacular book that I would never have chosen for myself, but a friend of mine lent it to me for me to read, and I must say that it was amazing! I really have no way to describe this book to you, considering the fact that it has 816 pages, so there are so many details and so many stories going on that it’s even hard to describe! You must know that I read this book in 4 days.. while wedding planning.. it really is a cliff hanger and one of those books you just can’t put down!

book2A Thousand Splendid Suns- Khaled Hosseini

Another Amazing bopok. Once again, not a book that I would have chosen for myself but I ended up loving it! It’s a story about two women and the lives that they led, deprived of freedom and living under the laws of men. I’m really not going to say much about it, if yuou want a synopsis, look it up online, haha. This one wasn’t as longas the other book, only 384 pages.. which I read in 3 hours.  I cried a bit in the book, laughed a bit.. a little bit of everything! I definitely reccomend it!

book3The Shack- William P Young

I am currently reading The Shack in Portuguese.. I really would prefer to read it in English since I read faster and the language seems more expressive.. In Portuguese it feels like the words don’t have their own power, if you know what I mean, they don’t express themselves as English words. I am, however, liking what I read so far.

I need to find some way to get English books down here in Brazil. I used to love to read, but  ever since I stopped going to the states, I stopped bringing down books:/ I need to buy a Kindle, that’s for sure!



2 comentários sobre “On My Bookshelf

  1. Amanda disse:

    You can definitely find books in English here. Look at Sariaiva or Liveria Cultura. Both of which I don’t know if you can find in Londrina or not. If you can’t, let me know. We can play messenger and I can send them to you from Sao Paulo 🙂

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