Good Afternoon!

101_2295 So this is what my hair looks like after using some awesome products that I bought yesterday:D Yes, I love my hair, can’t you tell? hahahaha

Anyhow,  yesterday I went to a beauty store here in Londrina called Facebela. Basically, they sell anything you can imagine for hair, nails, and face. It’s kinda hard to go in there without actually buying anything!


So, as any good woman would do… I went and bought beauty products:D

101_2291Makeup Finishing Spray and Semí Dí Linci Diamante Cristalli Liquid

My sister in law bought the makeup finishing spray a few months ago, I used it and loved it! This month I finally got around to buying some. It’s basically just a primer that you use AFTER you put on your makeup… just to make it last longer. It smells great and I love it<3

The other product that I bought was a Illuminating Serum.. it’s an oil that you use just a drop for all of your hair. I use it after I blow dry and straighten my hair, it makes my hair feel completely renewed and the smell is FANTASTIC!

I also bought an Amend Fast Hair conditioner. It’s a small tube with cream that you put on damp hair and let rest for a minute.. I LOVED it! It made my hair super soft!

Anyhow, that’s this month’s hair recommendations!

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