Buying From Ebay

a few months ago I decided that I wanted to try and buy something off of ebay, which really was kinda risky considering the fact that sometimes cards from the states don’t even make t here.. but I have been reading a blog where many Brazilian women buy things from ebay and then reate what they thought about it, who they bought from,how much they paid etc.

I bought two shirts from a seller named grape-apple, one a chiffon and another a transparent lace kind of thing
20130117_172737Loose Chiffon shirt with colored hearts. Usually not my style, but when I’m in more of a girly mood then they look cute with a loose pair of shorts101_2260This one is hard to see because the picture was taken in a drk room, but it has lace flowers designed all over it. the back is fully transparent, but I wear it with a tee underneath

Out of the two blouses, I liked the black one more since it is  little more formal.

Anyhow, soon I will probably buy another item, when it arrives I will let you know! The only problem with buying frm ebay is that it takes a while to get here! It’s free shipping coming all theway from China so it takes about 60 days after you order it, haha


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