Café com Leite

101_2190[1]Black coffee with soymilk

Anyone who has been to Brazil noticed that Brazilians LOVE coffee and anyone who knows me personally knows that I am ADDICTED to coffee. Now I am not sure if this is because I am part Brazilian or just part insane, but I love coffee-anytime, anywhere.

Here it’s common for Brazilians to have a cafézinho in the middle of the afternoon- which I completely agree with and do almost every day:)

Today I decided to have some because I was in the mood for something sweet and coffee sounded good. I just heated up some soymilk and had coffee with sugar and milk:)

The cute coffee cup was a Christmas gift from my hubbie- he is the sweetest thing ever:)

Speaking of sweet things, Sunday morning I woke up to breakfast already made ,which just about made my day:) sunday was a lazy day, all we did was watch House all afternoon anf then in the evening go to church:)

How was your weekend?


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