This Year’s Goals

So, I know it’s February and all.. but it’s still the beginning of the year so I can talk about goals, right? Right. Ok, let´s go.

1. Save up half of the moolah that my husband and I need to go to the US at the end of 2014 for Christmas. I can’t decide if I want to go during Christmas or in April. Any tips? Anyone? Ideas? Just to remind you that my husband has never, ever traveled abroad and therefore doesn’t even have a passport, much less a visa. Also, I need to renew both my passports and update my name on my social security number.

2. Lose weight. That’s basically every year’s resolution, haha

3. Read through the whole Bible ( just started Leviticus last night) Mu hubby and I are trying to read the Bible in 5 months!

4. Grow out my hair. Those of you who know me personally know that usually I prefer my hair short since it is my firm belief that hair was made to be used LOOSE and not tied up in a ponytail or braid. This has been my belief ever since I was a teenager. Most of the time I would wear it short, so I was never tempted to wear it up during the crazy hot Londrina summer.

5. Make my house my home. We are buying an apartment and probably in April we will be able to get into the apartment. Meanwhile, we are living with a very kind friend of ours. My dream is to make my Brazilian apartment American-ish, but my hubby doesn’t want me to put down carpet because he thinks it will “give him allergies”. I disagree because it seems like if you vaccum every week it should be even better than having to sweep or clean with a mop. I also want to hang many many pictures ( for some reason Brazilians aren’t so into this as Americans. ) I want a beautiful room with a huge mirror. In teh bedroom that will with the closet I want a vanity table. I am toying with the idea of making one of my rooms a walk in closet… any ideas anyone? Here it’s usually the custom to just have a closet put in… but what if I want a walk in closet? Just to remind you guys that my apartment is only a three bedroom apartment, so it isn’t that big! In the bedroom I already  bought all the bed adornments, I think it will be quite rbeautiful.. but I´d love to put in just a headboard and lamps beside the bed so we can read at night and not have to get up and walk all the way across the room. I think maybe I should make a post just about my house, because aparently I have too many ideas, haha

6. Change Cars. Our car.. sucks. No, I mean really. It’s from 2001 and already has 240,000 km on it.. way too much. At the end of last year we spent over 3,000 reais to fix it because it kept breaking down.. if we had 5 000 reais more we could have switched cars and financed the rest of the payments.

7. Start some home projects. I love messing with handwork.. I really need to keep my hands busy and get some projects started!!


Since my goals don’t really have pictures since I haven’t completed them yet ( duh) I just thought I’d post a wedding pic or two for you to see!


A-0002Getting Ready. Cool Girl.

A-0086Hey Look! I’m a bride!

B-0162Oh yeah. He was a sexy groom! No, he has no idea that I just posted his pic online, hahha

C-0023Kiss me Baby! In the middle of the street? yes!

C-0030Well, because who doesn’t love shoes??


Things I miss about the US

So I have been US homesick for the past couple of days.. it’s been 5 years now since I’ve been there and every day I want to go more and more. But I don’t want to go by myself, I won’t. I must take my husband with me so he can get to know what growing up was like and why I am the way that I am. The problem is that now we are having to save money to switch cars ( ours is on its last few miles), buy furniture, paint the apartment,pay off some bills, etc. So.. it kinda sucks knowing that it will take a couple of more years until we will be able to go..

So, to try and combat ( or make worse, who knows) US homesickness, I decided to post what I miss the most!

1. My Family

n696037014_1802430_5514Picture taken in Rio when I had just graduated from highschool at the age of 15 going on 16. This trip was my “graduation party”

2. American Food


Starbucks, Donuts, Mexican Restaurants, Cool Ice Cream choices, Large Variety of Food, Huge soda cups, you name it- I miss it all!

3. Cool Shopping at Any Time

walmartCall me Crazy, but I love shopping anytime, anywhere with the huge selection of products everywhere!

4. Celebrations


I love the fact that anything is made a celebration there. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, everything is so wonderfully planned and fun.. not bad rtalking.. but here they don’t care so much about the specific celebrations… I do.

5. Punctuality

clockHere if you say 7, they think that you meant 7:30, when in all honesty, you meant a quarter till seven. How hard is it to be on time? Here? Impossible. Want a grand example? My wedding was marked for 6:30. I arrived at 6:20. When did the wedding start? 7:20. Ask me why. Ask. Ok, thanks for asking.. the GUESTS weren’t there yet!!! I waited a freaking hour for the darn disrespectful guests. I don’t care who the heck is reading this, you made me wait an hour to start MY WEDDING. That’s Insane!!!!!

Those are just a few things that I have been missing.. I connected my credit card with the Smiles program… but it takes forever for me to get points together. I need 100,000 points for my hubby and I to go to the US…  I only have 20,000. Sigh.



Well, these past few days I have been working on two serious challenges in my life..


The first is losing weight. It’s been really difficult for me to lose weight, I believe that I have been eating too many sweets and carbohydrates, so I have been trying to make heathier substitutions. For lunch I’ve been choosing salads.. I found a restaurant that has an excellent salad bar, which is something usually difficult to find here in Brazil. It doesn’t seem like they have the custom of eating salads instead of a meal. I’ve been tyring not to snack during the day or if I do I choose a fruit or granola bar. Well see if this starts working, I need to exercise, but I can never seem to find apropriate time!


bible6The second thing is something that my hubbie and I are working on. We are trying to read the Bible in 5 months. This is really proving to be a challenge since it is something that needs to be done everything. So far I am liking it, I just need to keep up the reading. Basically we have a study plan where you read 8 chapters a day. I started a week ago and am already on Exodus 7.


What are some challenges that you guys started this year?

On My Bookshelf

Recently I have been reading much more than usual, since my husband has now gone back to studying I have taken up some more reading. During my vacation I read two spectacular books,

book1The Pillars of the Earth- Ken Pillar

It’s a spectacular book that I would never have chosen for myself, but a friend of mine lent it to me for me to read, and I must say that it was amazing! I really have no way to describe this book to you, considering the fact that it has 816 pages, so there are so many details and so many stories going on that it’s even hard to describe! You must know that I read this book in 4 days.. while wedding planning.. it really is a cliff hanger and one of those books you just can’t put down!

book2A Thousand Splendid Suns- Khaled Hosseini

Another Amazing bopok. Once again, not a book that I would have chosen for myself but I ended up loving it! It’s a story about two women and the lives that they led, deprived of freedom and living under the laws of men. I’m really not going to say much about it, if yuou want a synopsis, look it up online, haha. This one wasn’t as longas the other book, only 384 pages.. which I read in 3 hours.  I cried a bit in the book, laughed a bit.. a little bit of everything! I definitely reccomend it!

book3The Shack- William P Young

I am currently reading The Shack in Portuguese.. I really would prefer to read it in English since I read faster and the language seems more expressive.. In Portuguese it feels like the words don’t have their own power, if you know what I mean, they don’t express themselves as English words. I am, however, liking what I read so far.

I need to find some way to get English books down here in Brazil. I used to love to read, but  ever since I stopped going to the states, I stopped bringing down books:/ I need to buy a Kindle, that’s for sure!


Good Afternoon!

101_2295 So this is what my hair looks like after using some awesome products that I bought yesterday:D Yes, I love my hair, can’t you tell? hahahaha

Anyhow,  yesterday I went to a beauty store here in Londrina called Facebela. Basically, they sell anything you can imagine for hair, nails, and face. It’s kinda hard to go in there without actually buying anything!


So, as any good woman would do… I went and bought beauty products:D

101_2291Makeup Finishing Spray and Semí Dí Linci Diamante Cristalli Liquid

My sister in law bought the makeup finishing spray a few months ago, I used it and loved it! This month I finally got around to buying some. It’s basically just a primer that you use AFTER you put on your makeup… just to make it last longer. It smells great and I love it<3

The other product that I bought was a Illuminating Serum.. it’s an oil that you use just a drop for all of your hair. I use it after I blow dry and straighten my hair, it makes my hair feel completely renewed and the smell is FANTASTIC!

I also bought an Amend Fast Hair conditioner. It’s a small tube with cream that you put on damp hair and let rest for a minute.. I LOVED it! It made my hair super soft!

Anyhow, that’s this month’s hair recommendations!

Schutz Sneakers Sale

So let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a sale??

My hobby, we could say, is buying things on sale, haha. I love sales, I love clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. ( What woman doesn’t??)

Anyhow, I was at the shopping mall last week and I saw that Queen Shoes was having a sale… I looked in the window and saw that they had sneakers on sale! Boy was I happy when I saw these:D101_2259

Creme Chamois Sneakers with Studs. From R$390,00 For R$117,00

101_2258Animal Print Chamois Sneakers. From R$380,00 For R$114,00

Now, usually I am not a fan of tennis shoes or sneakers.. but what I liked about these is that they have an embedded heel in them, so they still give me a little height. I can’t wait for it to get cold so I can really use them! hahaha

Buying From Ebay

a few months ago I decided that I wanted to try and buy something off of ebay, which really was kinda risky considering the fact that sometimes cards from the states don’t even make t here.. but I have been reading a blog where many Brazilian women buy things from ebay and then reate what they thought about it, who they bought from,how much they paid etc.

I bought two shirts from a seller named grape-apple, one a chiffon and another a transparent lace kind of thing
20130117_172737Loose Chiffon shirt with colored hearts. Usually not my style, but when I’m in more of a girly mood then they look cute with a loose pair of shorts101_2260This one is hard to see because the picture was taken in a drk room, but it has lace flowers designed all over it. the back is fully transparent, but I wear it with a tee underneath

Out of the two blouses, I liked the black one more since it is  little more formal.

Anyhow, soon I will probably buy another item, when it arrives I will let you know! The only problem with buying frm ebay is that it takes a while to get here! It’s free shipping coming all theway from China so it takes about 60 days after you order it, haha