New Beauty Products

So, let’s be honest.. what woman doesn’t loe new beauty products? hahaha This past month I started using a few new makeup items and also a new shampoo, just thought that I would introduce them to you guys!

First of all, the world’s best shampoo ever, in my opinion. It’s L’oreal Professional Line. It really does make a difference in my hair.. while I’m washing it, I can already the “fluff” returning to my hair. I love it!101_2102

I started using a lot of makeup from a perfume store here in Brazil called Boticário, it’s a line called Make B which they say is their “nightlife” line, but I use it for every day looks.

101_21041. Primer

2. Intense Foundation ( color number 1, I believe)

3. Intense Concealer ( color number 1, too)

4. Make B Blush ( Brown)

5. Liquid Eyeliner

6. Maybelline Black Eyeliner

7. Nude lipliner

8. Make B red Lipstick

9. Make B Duo Color eyeshadow ( Brown/Grey and Cream colored)

10. Make B Eyebrow Gloss  ( will review for you later)

11. Maybelline Instant Rewind Eye concealer thingie, haha

12. Maybeline Black Mascara

13. Asepxia Face Powder ( color  number 1)

Well, I haven’t taken any pictures yet showing these makeup items, but I can say that they are all amazing and I’m loving them!


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