Zara Sale

OK, well for those of you who have no idea what has been happening.. Zara has been having a spectacular sale. It’s worldwide so wherever you are.. you should go! I’ve bought a lot of clothes this month from there.. inclduing some that I bought yesterday which, in my opinion, is the biggest steal ever!!

( Bad quality pics because I couldn’t find a good place to hang the coats without them falling, haha)


Purple top suit like coat, good for summer and hotter winter days

Original Price:199 Sale Price: 99


Black and White Silk suit like top coat


Original Price: 279 Sale Price: 119
Very bad pic for such a beatutiful coat, but a black winter coat

Original Price: 279 Sale Price: 99

Now, I know that it may seem absurd buying so many coats, and to AMericans the prices may be steep, but it’s almost impossible to buy good quality clothes at a reasonable price here in Brazil. Therefore, when I find cheap prices like this I go bananas and buy everything, haha. These are just a few of the things that I bought there, just the coats, but I bought dresses and blouses and pants too lol. All at an awesome price! So, if you have time.. try to stop by a Zara and pick up some cool stuff!

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