Good Morning!


I would just like to say, Good Morning! What a great way to start the year: Married! Really, I recommend it to everyone! These past few days have been busy organizing my office and working on stuff at home. It’s been a little crazy, but a lot of fun!

I need to remember to take pictures of things so I can show you guys, I will do that more from now on:)

Just thought that I’d say a little hello, be seeing you soon!


New Beauty Products

So, let’s be honest.. what woman doesn’t loe new beauty products? hahaha This past month I started using a few new makeup items and also a new shampoo, just thought that I would introduce them to you guys!

First of all, the world’s best shampoo ever, in my opinion. It’s L’oreal Professional Line. It really does make a difference in my hair.. while I’m washing it, I can already the “fluff” returning to my hair. I love it!101_2102

I started using a lot of makeup from a perfume store here in Brazil called Boticário, it’s a line called Make B which they say is their “nightlife” line, but I use it for every day looks.

101_21041. Primer

2. Intense Foundation ( color number 1, I believe)

3. Intense Concealer ( color number 1, too)

4. Make B Blush ( Brown)

5. Liquid Eyeliner

6. Maybelline Black Eyeliner

7. Nude lipliner

8. Make B red Lipstick

9. Make B Duo Color eyeshadow ( Brown/Grey and Cream colored)

10. Make B Eyebrow Gloss  ( will review for you later)

11. Maybelline Instant Rewind Eye concealer thingie, haha

12. Maybeline Black Mascara

13. Asepxia Face Powder ( color  number 1)

Well, I haven’t taken any pictures yet showing these makeup items, but I can say that they are all amazing and I’m loving them!

Meet Mr. Reis


Well, I  guess it’s time I finally introduce my husband to my family members who read my blog..


Meet Mr. Reis, the world’s best husband!

He is fun-loving, caring, kind, sweet,   perfectionist, and a ver detalist person!

We have been dating for 2 years and 5 months and married for less than 1 of that time, haha

He will probably make me take this down once he sees I posted a pic  of him on the internet, so look FAST! lol

This pic was taken on our honeymoon,  our hotel was 2 kilometers aw ay from the  shopping mall so one day we ventured out without the car and walked there.. we had this beautiful scene all the way  there! Lovely!


Zara Sale

OK, well for those of you who have no idea what has been happening.. Zara has been having a spectacular sale. It’s worldwide so wherever you are.. you should go! I’ve bought a lot of clothes this month from there.. inclduing some that I bought yesterday which, in my opinion, is the biggest steal ever!!

( Bad quality pics because I couldn’t find a good place to hang the coats without them falling, haha)


Purple top suit like coat, good for summer and hotter winter days

Original Price:199 Sale Price: 99


Black and White Silk suit like top coat


Original Price: 279 Sale Price: 119
Very bad pic for such a beatutiful coat, but a black winter coat

Original Price: 279 Sale Price: 99

Now, I know that it may seem absurd buying so many coats, and to AMericans the prices may be steep, but it’s almost impossible to buy good quality clothes at a reasonable price here in Brazil. Therefore, when I find cheap prices like this I go bananas and buy everything, haha. These are just a few of the things that I bought there, just the coats, but I bought dresses and blouses and pants too lol. All at an awesome price! So, if you have time.. try to stop by a Zara and pick up some cool stuff!

Green and Black

Well, this dress is a repeat, you’ve already seen it around here, but I justthought that I’d post this look because of the new shoes!

I have never worn low heels, I usually wear rasteirinhas or high heels, nothing inbetween, but when I saw these shoes I really liked them, and so did my hubbie so he convinced me to buy them! haha

It’s good to have a hubbie who goes shopping with you and gives you opinions, and also who convinces you to spend more:) hehehee20130114_185440Dress- Zara Purse- Zara Shoes- Zutti


White and Black

LikeI said, while I was in Curitiba, I bought a lot of stuff, haha two of which are in this pic. I normally don’t wear things with studs on them…but i saw a pair of sandals ( at a store that was having a 50% off sale) that I fell in love and gold with gold studs. The other new item is the black purse with a gold chain. I’ve never had the custom of using small purses, but when I saw this one I couldn’t resist!20130116_194813Dress- Zara, Purse- Zara, Shoes- Gappy

The Blue Look

While I was in Curitiba I did A LOT of shopping.. and I really do mean a lot.. Curitiba, I found, is a spectacular place to buy shoes.. which is why I bought four beautiful pairs:D hahaha

Anyhow, I just thought that I would show you guys some of the “looks” that I had on my honeymoon.


Grey sweater- Zara, Blue Stretchy Jeans- Zara, Shoes- Zutti