Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I told you guys that I wouldn`t be posting much because I didn`t have a computer set up, I betcha you didn`t believe me, did you? haha

Anyhow, Christmastime is here! And I must say that it really doesn`t feel like Christmas at all. It`s freaking hot. 27 degrees Celsius to be exact.. I am too lazy to open another window on the pc to convert it to farenheit now.. so you do the work, let me just tell you: It`s hot! I haven`t listened to Christmas music because I`ve been too busy, I haven`t watched Christmas movies because I don`t have anything to watch tv on.. I am sitting here in a kitchen working on a laptop, wearing jeans and a short sleeved shirt with a fan on me.

My plans for Christmas Eve are going to my parent`s house this evening, spending the night so I will be there in the morning, then going for lunch at the In Law`s. A busy weekend, I must say.

Since I haven`t really been doing anything interesting due to the move and axisouly awaiting my house to get ready, i just thought I`d post a few things that I have been up to recently.

I am staying at a friend`s house and they have a newborn baby so I am trying not to make much noise in the mornings, which means: no blow dryer.. In other words, I have been trying to do some hairstyles that don`t require the blowdryer. I know that I have a wet to dry hair straightener, but I don`t want to use all my hair`s energy that way, haha I went to Leo Cosmetics and found a hair hook that makes this hairdo:
101_1769A simple inside out ponytail.

It`s really easy to do and only takes about 15 seconds. Out of all that I have done, this is what I like the best!

This morning my hubbie and I went to Maringá with some friends of ours. We went because they were going to buy a cell phone and we just tagged along. I had never been there just to walk around, so it was fun! We must go there again with more time, maybe on a weekend so we could spend 2 days there.

101_1771On the way to Maringa

We left early in the morning, so when we arrived an hour later we were all pretty much starving.. we walked around the food court at the mall and I found a bakery called Amor em Pedaços.. there I had the discovery of LACTOSE FREE CAKE! Imagine how excited I was? hehe I got a marvelous piece of cake that had merengue and marshemellow cream.

101_1773Isn`t it beautiful? Yes, I definitely thought so too!

Well, that was pretty much what I did today.. I didn`t take pictures of anything else! And you guys? How have you guys been?

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