15 days


Only 15 more days until the wedding and I really don’t know what else to do. It’s almost all done and put together. I haven’t been blogging in the past few days because life took some sudden turns that I wasn’t expecting and I’ve been quite down about it. Anyhow, Just thought I’d say a little hello to you guys, not sure how much I will be blogging during vacation because I am without a home and without a computer and without internet! Hopefully, things will get better soon!

To all of tjhose whole called me and texted me, thankyou for your love and care..

I really am fine, just really let down and more than super stressed until the house works itself out. I am fervently hoping it will come out next week.. I need it to come out, more than need it to work out!

So yeah, I guess that’s just about it! Haven’t been in a super talkative mood, I’ll blog later when my house is ready ( I hope)



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