Arbonne Products

101_1724I received a lovely package in the mail this week, Arbonne Samples from Kate Gallegos! Thank you so much for sending them all the way to Brazil for me!

101_1726 I must say that I LOVED everything that came. There is a Re9 advanced face treament which so far has been great! I can’t wait to see in a week the difference it will make:) It is a five step program where you 1) wash your face with the Smoothing Facial Cleanser then 2) pass the Regenerating Toner then 3) pass the Intensive Renewel Serum then 4) Use the Corrective Eye Créme then 5) use one of the two face creams offered for day use. After I did all of this, my skin felt nice and velvetty. I did it twice yesterday ( one at night and one in the morning) and so far once today ( this morning) . Already I feel my skin becoming niiice and soft!


RE9 Advanced and Makeup Primer

The makeup primer Kate sent me was spectacular, it had the texture of glue, basically, haha My makeup stayed on well yesterday thanks to the Arbonne Primer.

I also had the chance to use the Arbonne Foundation. I am not sued to using foundation because of the  weather here that tends to make skin look oily all the time, but I used the Arbonne foundation and it worked REALLY well with my skin, I didn’t have the feeling that my face was so oily. It was great!

Well, so far that’s all I have to say about these products, let’s use the RE9 for a week and see what the end result will be! If anyone wants to purchase the Arbonne products, talk to Kate Gallegos via her email

Disclaimer: Arbonne has no idea who I am, I just wished to share all the cool products that they have!


5 comentários sobre “Arbonne Products

  1. Fernanda Schmitt Ribeiro disse:

    Olá querida! Me interesso muito em comprar produtos da Arbonne, como vc conseguiu recebe-los no Brasil?

    Bjs Fernanda

  2. Carolina Theodoro disse:

    Olá gente, eu recebi uma vez de uma amiga de US um kit de samples para o rosto. Eu usei por 7 dias e amei o resultado. Não conheço ninguém aqui no Brasil que possa vender estes produtos. Iara, vc ainda está vendendo por aqui?

    Vc poderia me passar algum contato? Obrigada!

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