I’m a Bride!

Yesterday I realized, I’M A BRIDE! I was sitting on a chair, wearing my wedding dress, my wedding shoes, having a gay guy fix my hair and put in a hair piece and veil, and then, I realized.. I’m finally getting married! After all the waiting and planning,, in exactly 30 days I will be a bride! I’m so excited!

So Brazilians have this thing about wearing hair pieces on their head.. and I kinda like that idea. In fact I did it at my 15th bday party:


But, I don’t know.. as much as it is beautiful… I already wore it… and it’s not the style I want.

I am NOT going to show any sneak previews, seeing as how my fiancé probably takes a look at my blog maybe once in a millenium. Let’s just say it’s beautiful:d The only problem is that they are SUPER expensive to rent.. one of the cheaper ones that I liked was 120 reais to rent.. Too expensive for something that I only get to use once.

Well, I was slightly dissapointed that I wasn’t going to be able to wear the hair piece that I wanted, but then I had a brilliant idea:D Brazilian Biju stores sell everything, right? I found one here in Londrina ( to those of you from here, On Rua Piu XII, I think it’s called Bellíssima)  that was a nirvana of Biju, I innocently asked if they had anything and they had a lot of good options! I found one similiar to what I had tried on at the Bridal Shop.. I took a look at the price and it was only 24 reais for one piece! So then I asked if they had the matching piece and after calling the other store, they found it. In other words, instead of renting a hair piece for 120 reais.. I BOUGHT it for 58 reais… In oooother words, a really happy customer!

I also bought a really cute bracelet.. But I haven’t take a pic yet! I know, I know.. I should have already done this.. But I will, I promise!

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