Hey Guess What?

I bought new shoes! YAY! hahahahaha


Coral colored shoes, aren’t they cute? 🙂

SO yeah, I go through sandals super super fast. Like, really fast. I now have 5 pairs and 1 needs to be thrown away:/ oh well, you win some , you lose some!

Oh, and btw.. these sandals are from that place in São Paulo Towers… only 39,90. I’m telling you guys, you should really go there… they have soem great shoes!

So, in about 10 minutes I am walking out the door with my wedding shoes to go and try on my wedding dress:D This shall be fun:D

Other than wedding pland and working like super duper crazy I have been doing absolutely NOTHING.

Please continue to pray that our house will be ready for us to move in before me marry.

Aaaand that’s all for now folks! Talk to you later!


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