Techno Color

Well, my favorite store just recently went on sale, so my hubbie let me go and pick up a few items I’ve ben drooling over for a couple of months, hahaha

I’ve been looking around at colored jeans, I’ve been crazy about buying them but have never had the chance- when my store went on sale I managed to pic up 2 pairs of colored jeans! One is a bright blue pair and the other is a bright red pair. Well, I have never had the custom of using colored clothes on the bottm half- but I must say that I am quite enjoying it!


The only pic I had of this pair so far.. bright blue jeans( Zara) with a white top ( small unkown store) and a navy blue cotton sweater/throw101_1927Red jeans ( Zara) with a lace knit sweater style shirt ( also Zara – like I said my favorite store went on sale, haha)

I have some other items I picked up, but I haven’t had a chance to take pics yet, I will for sure do this later and post it!


6 more days

And the countdown continues.. only 6 more days until we get married with the religious ceremony!

I must say that now I more than super excited and having trouble sleeping at night ( anybody care to prescribe me some sleeping pills, please?) thinking about all the new things happening recently.. some things  very good, and some things very bad. The good things are with my hubbie and I, the very bad things- not involving him but things I’m not going to mention! Let’s just say that I have been more than super stressed recently.

At the moment I have been doing things here and there involving wedding planning.. I am more waiting and waiting.. for things to happen already! I just can’t wait for the day to arrive, I hope everything runs smoothly, although I do confess I am a little bit anxious just for things to go well. I am not anxious about the wedding in itself, just that everything falls into place and comes together in time. I have been super stressed with some tings that have happened that are not involving the wedding, some bad things happened at a very innapropriate time, but I am trying to push foward and focus on the wedding and forget about everything else now. The time is now, and the time is ours. I am not going to worry about those problems not now and definitely  not after I get married, our life, our rules.

Ok, enough about that! Christmas has come and gone and I still haven’t posted any pics, have I??

We did a Christmas feast at my mom’s house this year. She and my sister prepared everything, I didn’t offer to do anything this year due to the fact that it is so close to the wedding, I promise that next year I’ll at least try to take something, ok? hahaha

101_1786 Brazilian-fied American Christmas dinner! Salads for me, green bean casserole, squash casserole, chester, mashed potatoes, and I’m sure there was more that I don’t remember…101_1790The lactose intolerant plate.. Celery, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Chester, and Mashed Potatoes


Desserts: Ozark Pie ( which I ate), Baked Apples ( able to eat too), Blueberry Cheesecake ( NOT able to eat and bitterly dissapointed, haha), Banana Pudding, Banana Bread, and Sugar Cookies

We did the American custom of opening Stockings and Christmas presents on Christmas morning then having pancakes with eggs and no bacon because we forgot to buy it, haha. Here are some highlights:

101_1805 Swollen faces from being up too early after a late night, we were happy though, ok? haha101_1817

Maria excited about her Marinex101_1834Books and peanut butter!

And how was you guy’s Christmas?? Have a good one?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I told you guys that I wouldn`t be posting much because I didn`t have a computer set up, I betcha you didn`t believe me, did you? haha

Anyhow, Christmastime is here! And I must say that it really doesn`t feel like Christmas at all. It`s freaking hot. 27 degrees Celsius to be exact.. I am too lazy to open another window on the pc to convert it to farenheit now.. so you do the work, let me just tell you: It`s hot! I haven`t listened to Christmas music because I`ve been too busy, I haven`t watched Christmas movies because I don`t have anything to watch tv on.. I am sitting here in a kitchen working on a laptop, wearing jeans and a short sleeved shirt with a fan on me.

My plans for Christmas Eve are going to my parent`s house this evening, spending the night so I will be there in the morning, then going for lunch at the In Law`s. A busy weekend, I must say.

Since I haven`t really been doing anything interesting due to the move and axisouly awaiting my house to get ready, i just thought I`d post a few things that I have been up to recently.

I am staying at a friend`s house and they have a newborn baby so I am trying not to make much noise in the mornings, which means: no blow dryer.. In other words, I have been trying to do some hairstyles that don`t require the blowdryer. I know that I have a wet to dry hair straightener, but I don`t want to use all my hair`s energy that way, haha I went to Leo Cosmetics and found a hair hook that makes this hairdo:
101_1769A simple inside out ponytail.

It`s really easy to do and only takes about 15 seconds. Out of all that I have done, this is what I like the best!

This morning my hubbie and I went to Maringá with some friends of ours. We went because they were going to buy a cell phone and we just tagged along. I had never been there just to walk around, so it was fun! We must go there again with more time, maybe on a weekend so we could spend 2 days there.

101_1771On the way to Maringa

We left early in the morning, so when we arrived an hour later we were all pretty much starving.. we walked around the food court at the mall and I found a bakery called Amor em Pedaços.. there I had the discovery of LACTOSE FREE CAKE! Imagine how excited I was? hehe I got a marvelous piece of cake that had merengue and marshemellow cream.

101_1773Isn`t it beautiful? Yes, I definitely thought so too!

Well, that was pretty much what I did today.. I didn`t take pictures of anything else! And you guys? How have you guys been?

15 days


Only 15 more days until the wedding and I really don’t know what else to do. It’s almost all done and put together. I haven’t been blogging in the past few days because life took some sudden turns that I wasn’t expecting and I’ve been quite down about it. Anyhow, Just thought I’d say a little hello to you guys, not sure how much I will be blogging during vacation because I am without a home and without a computer and without internet! Hopefully, things will get better soon!

To all of tjhose whole called me and texted me, thankyou for your love and care..

I really am fine, just really let down and more than super stressed until the house works itself out. I am fervently hoping it will come out next week.. I need it to come out, more than need it to work out!

So yeah, I guess that’s just about it! Haven’t been in a super talkative mood, I’ll blog later when my house is ready ( I hope)


19 days

Only nineteen days until the wedding.. everything is going along just fine.. except for the fact that our house is not yet ready and we don’t have a place to live and I have to turn in the keys to my apartment on Wednesday which will, in turn, make me homeless. How marvelous.

If anyone knows a manager who works at Caixa and wishes to help me out, it will be MORE than appreciated!

Since I don’t have much to say today, I figured I would post some pics that I have been owing you guys,  wedding pics! So, here goes:

101_1646Going to the justice of peace


Wait, I didn’t practice my new signature yet!101_1670 

Meet Mr. and Mrs Reis101_1683The Reis Family, hahahaha, ok so she isn’t my blood sister, but she’s the best!

101_1680Married, at last!

High Five for Friday

1. A manicure with some sparkle on it! Love me some sparkles!

2. I started using Klorane Shampoo, it is supposed to help your hair growm let’s see if it really works! I’ve only been using it for two days, but myhair feels different already, lighter,  cleaner.

3. I have the world’s Best Husband:) Love you babe!

4. I got married before a Justice of Peace exactly one week ago today!

5. Sparkly Hair Piece. Have you noticed I love sparkles? I need to stay away from beauty shops and biju stores, hahaha

Happy Friday Everyone!


Arbonne Products

101_1724I received a lovely package in the mail this week, Arbonne Samples from Kate Gallegos! Thank you so much for sending them all the way to Brazil for me!

101_1726 I must say that I LOVED everything that came. There is a Re9 advanced face treament which so far has been great! I can’t wait to see in a week the difference it will make:) It is a five step program where you 1) wash your face with the Smoothing Facial Cleanser then 2) pass the Regenerating Toner then 3) pass the Intensive Renewel Serum then 4) Use the Corrective Eye Créme then 5) use one of the two face creams offered for day use. After I did all of this, my skin felt nice and velvetty. I did it twice yesterday ( one at night and one in the morning) and so far once today ( this morning) . Already I feel my skin becoming niiice and soft!


RE9 Advanced and Makeup Primer

The makeup primer Kate sent me was spectacular, it had the texture of glue, basically, haha My makeup stayed on well yesterday thanks to the Arbonne Primer.

I also had the chance to use the Arbonne Foundation. I am not sued to using foundation because of the  weather here that tends to make skin look oily all the time, but I used the Arbonne foundation and it worked REALLY well with my skin, I didn’t have the feeling that my face was so oily. It was great!

Well, so far that’s all I have to say about these products, let’s use the RE9 for a week and see what the end result will be! If anyone wants to purchase the Arbonne products, talk to Kate Gallegos via her email

Disclaimer: Arbonne has no idea who I am, I just wished to share all the cool products that they have!