So, there are only 37 more days until the wedding.. and… I’m bored. I’m restless. I wish things would happen quickly, I wish things would get on their way.. but everything seems to be crawling by.

I’m sick of just staring at the walls and planning how things will be.. I want it to HAPPEN, I’m sick of planning! My wedding is planned, the colors are chosen, the buffet, the ceremony planned out, the food for the buffet, the centerpieces on the table , the color of the table cloths, napkins, how many plates and glasses there will be, the songs for the ceremony and reception, the flowers, the color of the flowers, boxes to put things in, packages to put things in… in other words, eevrything is mapped and planned out.

And here I sit, 37 days before the wedding bored and restless. Wishing our house documentation were ready so I could be there organizing and fixing things and setting up house But no, here I am, typing in front of a computer, restless words. Words without much sense!

I’m trying to think only about the present and not 37 days from now. House cleaned, check,. Office organized, check. Groceries bought. check. And so on and so on. At the current moment I am focusing on my fiancés birthday next week, so that’s ocupying my head a bit. After that Is Christmas, then New Years, then the wedding is here!

I guess I don’t have much to say today, I’m just anxiously awaiting the outcome of everything.


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