Time is ticking away!

Time is ticking away.. only 39 more days until the wedding! everything is starting to fall into place.. except for the house. It’s all pretty screwed up. The lady we used to do the paperwork instead of taking a week, took TWO MONTHS to do the paperwork on her part.. and she still isn’t done! Once she turns in the paperwork ( if she does) it will take 5 work days for the bank to get in touch with us to set up the interview and sign the contract, once that is done… 20 more days to get the house in our name and then 15 days after that for the woman who is living there to get outta there. Now, you do the math… we marry in 39 days. All prayers accepted!

Fashionwise I have been doing nothing.. my days consists of making lists and trying top tick things off of them. My days consist of trying to find ways NOT to spend money. My days consist of planning and overthinking and cleaning and organizing while still being anxious about the house not being ready. My days consist of sheer craziness at times and sheer boredom at other times while waiting for the time to tick away. Tick.. Tock.. Tick.. Tock. If only it would all pass when I blink my eyes and then the wedding day would be here and our house would be ready and our car wouldn’t be screwed up so we wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking down when we travel on our honeymoon


Disclaimer: This is just another rant of a soon to be bride anxiously awaiting things to fall into place.


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