Lingerie Shower

Well, Saturday was my lingerie shower and I must say, it was a sucess. I wanted something really calm and sweet but that people would all be able to enjoy. Brazilians usually have wedding showers where they play pranks and paint the bride’s face with paint and such.. I did not, and I repeat DID NOT, want any of that kind of stuff at my shower, sooo I decided that I wanted to do a kind of tea party that would be elegant and sweet and have some games that everyone would enjoy. Since I already have the majority of kitchen things, I decided that it would be a lingerie shower.

Just thought I’d show you guys a few pics!

All the decorations were made by my friend, I only helped by cutting things out, haha

One of the activities was for people to leave some wedding advice for me. The funniest ones were read for me to guess, the others were read already telling the person’s name. It was awesome!

There was a lot of beautiful food to eat! Thanks to my mommy, sister, and friends. ( in the pic the esfihas weren’t there yet- they were arriving!)There were adorable, pink heart chains everywhere!

A view from the entrance of the room, a bad pic ( I took it) but just for you guys to get the general idea!

Food, teas, and juices. There were three different kinds of tea: Natural Maté, Maté with Lemon, and Apple with Cinnamon Tea. There were three diffent kinds of juices: Passion Fruit, Orange, and Grape

Porcelain place settings with flowers in the center.

Last, but not least, the soon to be Bride:)

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