These past few months I have been craving applesauce…to my disfortune, they don`t sell.applesauce in Brazil:( One time I managed to find some imported in São Paulo, but it was 17 reais for like, 300 mls, in other words, no way!

I finally built up enough courage to make.homemade applesauce so I went to the supermarket and bought 6 kilos of apples. At first, I thought that it was waaay too manyapples, but then I remembered that the other times I had made it I needed to buy bags and bags of apples. So, I decided that 6 kilos might be enough.

When I got home, my mother in law, my fiancé, and I started peeling and slicing the apples. They had a hand held vegetable slicer which helped speed things up a bit.

Then, I put one third of all that I had made into the pressure cooker. I filled it up with water covering 3/4 of the apples ( which is what my mom reccomended, but next time I’ll put less since I ended up taking cooked water out) I let it cook ( with pressure ) for 20 minutes. Once I opened the pressure cooker, I took some of the juice out.

This is what the apple texture should look like when you open the pressure cooker.

After I opened the pressure cooker, I ended up taking some of the juice out. Then, I put all of it in a glass pan to let it cool some and added sugar and cinnamon. Next, I blended it all in the pressure cooker. I didn’t use a specific measurement. I use what my friends call “The Becca Measure” because I just kind end up throwing things all in recipes without ever measuring.

The end result, a nice, creamy texture. 

Aren’t I cute? ( Tag written in portuguese for my father in law, haha)

Well, for 6 kilos of apples, I did this process 3 times. To speed things up a bit, I would leave some cooking normally ina  pot, then when the pressure cooker was free I would transfer it to the pressure cooker, because then I know that it’s already hot enough and will boil quickly


My little beauties. 

Well, other than making applesauce, I didn’t do anything interesting today.. unless you count lunch as interesting:) As you can tell, I love to eat;)

I love eating American style saldas, but there aren’t any American salad bars here, so we make it at home! Thankfully, my fiancé likes eating salad too so we had grilled salmon, grilled tilapia, grilled tofu with soysauce, grilled chicken, kani kana, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery , and homemade green dressing.

My colorful, beautiful plate!

Anyhow, I need to get going because my fiancé suddenly decided that he wanted to watch a movie. See you guys later!


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