It’s just a morning musing

Well, Good morning everyone!

No fashion post today, sorry. Haha. Now that it’s the end of the year, gotta really save some moolah to pay for all the bills! What I am trying to do is reinvent my wardrobe and use the clothes that I have in different ways.. the only problem is that I don’t have that many colorful pieces, I tend to like more neutral colors! Oh well, next year I will invest in that… Along with all the furniture that my house is missing! No, the house documentation hasn’t come out yet… the bank is ( as we say in portuguese) enrolado. Keep your fingers crossed for us so that it will come out. and SOON.

Only 47 more days until the wedding, can you believe that? I can’t beliece how fast it is arriving! Almost alll of the wedding decorations are done, on Saturday I’m having the wedding shower. Then on the 7th we are getting married at the civil. I can’t wait for everything.. it seems like everything is flying by now! Hooray!

I’m going to try and lose some weight a little before the wedding. At the beginning of the year, I tried going to gym and eating correctly, but then when I started working ooodles I had to choose between working and going to gym… working makes money so I had to give up gym! I am thinking about trying somethjing next year, a sport or Pilates, any recommendations??

For the past week I have had SUPER sensitive teeth, I started using a special toothpaste to see if it would help, but it really didn’t help all that much.. I think it has something to do with my braces.. I have a wire on the back part of my lower teeth.. and the gums around it are hurting like crazy. It feels as though my teeth are being squashed together. Needless to say, I am taking ibuprofen 24/7

This is another crazy musing, rant. I really have nothing to say but feel like talking and probably nobody is really reading this, but if you reached the end, congrats! hahaha

Anyhow, it’s 10:11 here, I have to teach in a few minutes, a good to all you guys!



Good Morning.


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