Sunday Night Ramblings

Well, this weekend flew by again… Like my student said.. “Teacher, if you want your wedding to arrive quickly, the weekends must fly by too!”

Thursday was a holiday here, FridaY i was supposed to have classes in the morning but nobody showed up because, well, it was the day after a holiday and they probably traveled! The end of the year is always like this.. people stop showing up and only show up again in the middle of January! ai yai yaiii Christmas, New Years and everything makes life crazy.

This weekend I basically only did my wedding shower decorations. I decided to do a lingerie shower since I already have all the normal kitchen things. I wanted to do something more sweet and elegant so I am having a tea party, everything is going to be pink. ( This is coming from someone who usually hates pink, haha) I am taking pictures of everything, I am planning to do a super big post about the shower once it is over, so next week that will appear.

Out of all the pictures that my fiancé took, this was the only one that came out reasonably ok, crazy as though it may seem!

On thursday I only worked with the shower stuff. On Friday afternoon, shower stuff. On Saturday, I worked in the morning, had lunch, worked the whole afternoon on shower stuff, went to church then to an awesome play. I had never seen a play here in Brazil and I must say that I regret never going before.. it was really fun!

Today, Sunday, my fiancé and I went to church in the morning, then to my mom`s house for lunch to have lunch and decorate the Christmas tree. Later we came home and he worked on school projects while I worked on shower decorations.

I must say that I have become quite addicted to doing DIY stuff. It`s beginning to be a lot of fun. Most of my wedding things were DIY, but I`m only showing pics once the wedding is past! No spoilers! Only 48 more days until the wedding… wow, it`s finally getting here!


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