What are you up to on the holiday?

So, it`s a holiday here in Brazil! Hooray! One of the things that I love the most about Brazil that basically every month there is a holiday, and for lack of just one holiday.. we have two this month! One today ( Thursday) and the other on Tuesday! Many people just dropped everything and went to the beach.. but since I`m “poor”and need to pay my bills, I have to work Friday, Saturday, and Monday:/ Oh well.

Guess what I did to celebrate my holiday??

I woke up at SIX am in the morning to get ready to get blood work done. I did some crazy exam where I had to sit in a waiting room for 2 hours while they kept drawing blood, those little vampires!

And just to prove what time it was..

Yes, we left home at 7 am in the morning on a holiday. Welcome to Brazil- the only place in the world where you can get bloodwork done that early on a holiday!

When I arrived at the lab, we paid for the exam and it was a crazy lactose tolerance exam where they took a couple of tubes of blood then gave me some absolutely horrible lactose drink. Then I had to wait 45 minutes and they drew blood again. Another hour and they drew blood again. Like I said, they were little vampires;)  The GOOD thing about this lab is that while we waited they had a special room to rest in, with reclinable armchairs and pillows and blankets and magazines and large screen tvs!

This is the world`s worst pic, but just for you guys to get an idea. If it hadn`t have been for the blood work it may have even been fun!

When the bloodwork was finished, we went and had the free breakfast they offer, which is pretty good, actually! They offer milk, coffee, juices, cake, and sandwhiches. Alexandre didn`t actually have any blood work done.. but he felt my pain, lol. Poor thing. Together through rich and through poor, in sickness and in health, right darling?

When we left the lab we went to a little fruit store and picked up stuff for lunch.. I love those kinds of stores. Different kinds of fruit for a great price! Gotta love `em.

Super amazing lunch. Brazilians don`t really have the custom of just eating salad for lunch.. but I LOVE it!

There was lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, Kani, homemade dressing, fresh peas, tomatoes, and celery.

We also made grilled tofu and grilled salmon ( and by “we”I mean that my lovely fiancé was the griller)See? He`s a great  (and amazingly cute) cook

Look, what an awesome plate! Be jealous.

Well, that`s pretty much all that I have done today. Gotten blood work done and eaten and eaten and eaten. So far, so good, haha

OH! I forgot! Did I tell you that the pro pics got done? Here`s my favorite pic:

Cutest couple ever. I know;)

I`ll post more later you guys! Got a bunch more stuff to do today!

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