Ten Things I prefer: Brazil to the US

Well, growing up as an mk( missionary kid), we tended to compare both places.. which place we prefered to live in,to eat in, to have friends in, etc.

So, for today’s post instead of being fashion related I decided to show my Ten Things I Prefer: Brazil to the US

1. Brazilian healthy food. I love how everything is made from scratch here and people rarely use box mixes or anything like that.

2. Brazilian hugs. I like being able to hug practically everyone here when in the US it seems like a big taboo.

3. Brazilian Lunch. Having a big lunch is a lot better than just having a sandwhich for lunch. they say you should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. I think Brazilians have that down nice and pat.

4. Showers. Ok, this may seem weird and slightly awkward.. but Brazilians shower a LOT more than Americans.. at least two showers a day.. usually 3 or more showers a day. I know the weather is a lot differente ( as in, HOTTER) but still.. it just seems more.. sanitary, I guess.

5. Rodizios. Ok, I know that they might have this some place in the US, but I know that it’s not as common as it is here.. I mean, where else in the world could you have pizza rodizios, meat rodizios, sushi rodizios, and tons more.

6. Brazilian Shopping Malls. Going to the shopping mall is almost like a sport here. It is one of the top forms of entertainment.. Since there aren’t so many things to do for entertainment here in Brazilian, shopping malls are one of the top places to go and they invest a lot in this.

7. Holidays. It seems like every month there is a holiday and every day they are celebrating something. Teacher’s Day, Doctor’s Day. Children’s Day, etc.

8. Brazilian Shoes. I’ve always preferred Brazilian shoes.. It just seems like they are prettier, they fit better etc. I never really liked shoe shopping in the US so much… but I LOVE shoe shopping here

9. The way people dress when they go out. Here you can’t walk around in just whatever.. Anywhere you go you need jewerly, full face of makeup, and nice clothes. I like this. A lot:)

10. Friendliness. People are a lot more friendly here.. you can talk to anyone and eeryone without people thinking you are insane. Conversations are started waiting in lines, walking on the street, riding a bus.. anywhere and everywhere!


What about you guys? What are some things that you prefer in Brazil?

8 comentários sobre “Ten Things I prefer: Brazil to the US

  1. João Paulo disse:

    Well, food definitely. Brazilian food is probably the best in the world :).
    About the rodízios, you can certainly find them in the US, except you would need A LOT of dollars to be able to enjoy it :/

  2. Rachel disse:

    Man, trying to get the people who buys the groceries for the family to buy fresh vegetables is impossible. She says she doesn’t know how to cook them–but I’m the one cooking them!!!!!!

  3. Amanda disse:

    Oh the food definitely was one of the first things that I noticed was different here than in the States. It is way better. I love that because of the weather, you can find great produce year round, for a cheaper price than anything in the States. I will only cook now using all fresh ingredients. Why use canned green beans when you can use fresh?

    And by the way, I will add your blog to my blog roll if you dont mind 🙂 Also, I just got married here a few weeks ago, so congrats on your upcoming nuptials 😀

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