Red, White, and Blue- Like a True American;)

So, my past weekend flew by so past I swear that I winked and it was over. I’m serious. Thank goodness there is a holiday on Thursday! One of the many good things about Brazil is that there are millions of holidays! hahaha

On Saturday we both worked then had lunch super fast then went to a church activity, later on worked on wedding invitations then went to church.. we had a bday party to go to so we ended up not staying the whole service. Sunday morning we went to an open air market and had pasteis- they were SPECTACULAR! I love cheese pasteis, I can only bring myself to eat cheese ones because they are so good:) We ended up leaving the feira at 11 am.. and went home.  ( I should have taken pics of the feira but I forgot my camera and Mr. Alexandre isn’t too keen on taking pics!) I ended up sleeping a bit until Mr. Alexandre decided it was time to wake me up and go to the supermarket. At noon. I believe we are the only people in the world who go to a supermarket at noon. We had to buy some stuff for a barbecue in two weeks, and there’s a good atacado place open on weekends! Thankfully, we were able to get everything we needed. Afterwards we made our rounds and gave out wedding invitations. We spent the whole day on the street.

My eating habits this weekend were insane. I ate salad and ice cream the whole weekend. The weather was crazy hot and stuffy, when I look at food it just doesn’t seem apetizing at all. Everything except salad and ice cream:) Pistchacio ice cream to be exact:)

Ok,let’s get back on track. So, I had my eye on a skirt at a place nearby my office, and I finally had the chance to buy it! As any normal woman, I had to wear it almost immediately;)

Red, White, and Blue – Like a true American! hahaha
Bonus pic! Mr. Alexandre and I. Excuse the bad pic! It was taken around 1 am in the morning. The boys were watching a MMA fight on tv and I ended up sleeping so I have that ” I’ve just been sleeping” look, haha


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