High Five for Friday

1. A pink manicure. I know, I hate pink, but today I was in the mood for something girly so I picked this color out! Love it!

2. My cat named Mia ( yes, I named my cat Mia) I saw her yesterday and was so happy to see her! She stayed a while with some people who were living in my parent’s house and I don’t think she liked the people because she wouldn’t stay in the house, now that they have left he is staying more and more and returning to being the lazy, cuddly cat she was.

3. Studio Pics!  Alexandre and I did the studio pics for the wedding last Saturday, we saw them on Tuesday and we will receive them this Tuesday! I can’t wait! Theu turned out super awesome!

4. My baby, Alexandre. He fixed up my apartment this week, The lights and shower stopped working and he and a friend fixed it up! Thanks so much darling!

5. EKOS hand cream.. I just bought some today because my hands were raw from cleaning products! the best cream ever!

Have a good weekend you guys!


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