Get your legs ready for summer!

Ok, so when I went to Leo this week, I picked up this:

And I must say that I am quite in love with it! I have used it twice.. and both times were spectacular, the second time being more spectacular than the first! It’s an exfoliating gel for feet and legs. I use it after I shave my legs with that scrub brush thingie that I bought. It really does make a difference.. the skin becomes super soft, amazing! I read in a vougue magazine that what really makes the difference for leg scrubs and creams is the urea… now don’t ask me why because I really don’t know. All I know is that it DOES make a difference!

Another thing I’d like to recommend is the asepxia face powder. It is REALLY good.

Taken way too early this morning while getting ready to, literally, run out the door.

I’ve been using it every day in the morning and the afternoon. It does the trick of getting rid of that oily aspect of that skin and it doesn’t cake up around the eyes. I put it on after I cover up all my blemishes, so it’s nice to have that natural look. The advertisement says that it’s supposed to help your skin become smoother and stuff, I haven’t used it long enough to really say if it’s true or not. I do really like it though.


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