I went to the Cosmetics Store and I bought…

My lovely purchases at Leo Cosmetics

Men, men men, if any of you are reading my blog let me give you a sound piece of advice. Never ,I mean neeever, set a woman free in a cosmetics store, do you know how dangerous that is? We will probably end up buying EVERYTHING!

I go once a month to a small cosmetics store nearby, it doesn’t have any spectacular brands or anything like that, but I always find what I need. I try to go only once a month though, if not it could be dangerous! This month I didn’t really buy anything for hair. At the grocery store I picked up some tresemmé shampoo and conditioner, near the end of the month I’ll buy a hair mask.

This month I decided to but the Asepxia powder that everyone has been raging about, when I got home I tried some on and really liked it, if it actually does help your skin or not, I don’t know and it’s still too soon to tell. I also bought a vegetable scrubber thingie and exfoliating soap for my feetsies. The two items in the front are eyeshadow.. one is an iluminator.. I’ve neer used anything like that before, so if it works I’ll tell you guys:)

I’ll try to post later on about the products and if they are to be recommended or not!


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