What was your weekend like?

Well, This past weekend was super mega busy! I’ve been running around working with wedding stuff. Wedding here, wedding there, wedding everywhere! On Friday we woke up late and then basically got dressed and had lunch. In the afternoon we visited some friends and in the veening too. We ended up having some not so healthy yet totally delicious pizza and stayed there late into the night. On Saturday morning I woke up at 7 am ( can you believe that?? On Saturday!), got ready and my fiancé took me to the hairdresser to get ready for wedding pics that we took. I got my hands and nails and hair done ( yay!) Around 11 we were already at the studio and took a million pics, it was super fun! I ended up leaving realllyyy tired.


Getting all dolled up at the studio

Afterwards we went to to have lunch, then did a million running around things in the afternoon only to proceeed to arrive at home and work on invitations then get ready to go to church .

Sunday was just as busy as Saturday, we went to church early in the morning then had lunch at family’s house. In the afternoon and night we did wedding related stuff. So basically, my whole weekend was wedding related.. thank goodness it’s arriving! I can’t wait for the wedding only 60 days!

When the pro pics arrive, I’ll post some here!


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