High Five for Friday

Meus documentos3

1. Lingerie Shower – A special wedding shower with all of my close friends. It was a very pleasant way to have a wedding shower! I loved it!

2. Holding a puppy- I went to the pet store and got to hold a cuuuuuteeeee puppy they had there! Puppy Love!

3 Watched Breaking Dawn- Go ahead, Judge away… but I liked it BEFORE the movies came out.. and I must say, it has improved a lot since the first movie, I guess they invested more this time

4. My baby go baptized! I don’t have good pictures because I was video taping and somebody else was taking pictures..

5. Bible Study this Tuesday was pretty awesome. We have it every Tuesday night at 10 30 pm at my pastor’s house. This time we stayed there until 1 30 am… it was awesome!



So, there are only 37 more days until the wedding.. and… I’m bored. I’m restless. I wish things would happen quickly, I wish things would get on their way.. but everything seems to be crawling by.

I’m sick of just staring at the walls and planning how things will be.. I want it to HAPPEN, I’m sick of planning! My wedding is planned, the colors are chosen, the buffet, the ceremony planned out, the food for the buffet, the centerpieces on the table , the color of the table cloths, napkins, how many plates and glasses there will be, the songs for the ceremony and reception, the flowers, the color of the flowers, boxes to put things in, packages to put things in… in other words, eevrything is mapped and planned out.

And here I sit, 37 days before the wedding bored and restless. Wishing our house documentation were ready so I could be there organizing and fixing things and setting up house But no, here I am, typing in front of a computer, restless words. Words without much sense!

I’m trying to think only about the present and not 37 days from now. House cleaned, check,. Office organized, check. Groceries bought. check. And so on and so on. At the current moment I am focusing on my fiancés birthday next week, so that’s ocupying my head a bit. After that Is Christmas, then New Years, then the wedding is here!

I guess I don’t have much to say today, I’m just anxiously awaiting the outcome of everything.

Time is ticking away!

Time is ticking away.. only 39 more days until the wedding! everything is starting to fall into place.. except for the house. It’s all pretty screwed up. The lady we used to do the paperwork instead of taking a week, took TWO MONTHS to do the paperwork on her part.. and she still isn’t done! Once she turns in the paperwork ( if she does) it will take 5 work days for the bank to get in touch with us to set up the interview and sign the contract, once that is done… 20 more days to get the house in our name and then 15 days after that for the woman who is living there to get outta there. Now, you do the math… we marry in 39 days. All prayers accepted!

Fashionwise I have been doing nothing.. my days consists of making lists and trying top tick things off of them. My days consist of trying to find ways NOT to spend money. My days consist of planning and overthinking and cleaning and organizing while still being anxious about the house not being ready. My days consist of sheer craziness at times and sheer boredom at other times while waiting for the time to tick away. Tick.. Tock.. Tick.. Tock. If only it would all pass when I blink my eyes and then the wedding day would be here and our house would be ready and our car wouldn’t be screwed up so we wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking down when we travel on our honeymoon


Disclaimer: This is just another rant of a soon to be bride anxiously awaiting things to fall into place.

Lingerie Shower

Well, Saturday was my lingerie shower and I must say, it was a sucess. I wanted something really calm and sweet but that people would all be able to enjoy. Brazilians usually have wedding showers where they play pranks and paint the bride’s face with paint and such.. I did not, and I repeat DID NOT, want any of that kind of stuff at my shower, sooo I decided that I wanted to do a kind of tea party that would be elegant and sweet and have some games that everyone would enjoy. Since I already have the majority of kitchen things, I decided that it would be a lingerie shower.

Just thought I’d show you guys a few pics!

All the decorations were made by my friend, I only helped by cutting things out, haha

One of the activities was for people to leave some wedding advice for me. The funniest ones were read for me to guess, the others were read already telling the person’s name. It was awesome!

There was a lot of beautiful food to eat! Thanks to my mommy, sister, and friends. ( in the pic the esfihas weren’t there yet- they were arriving!)There were adorable, pink heart chains everywhere!

A view from the entrance of the room, a bad pic ( I took it) but just for you guys to get the general idea!

Food, teas, and juices. There were three different kinds of tea: Natural Maté, Maté with Lemon, and Apple with Cinnamon Tea. There were three diffent kinds of juices: Passion Fruit, Orange, and Grape

Porcelain place settings with flowers in the center.

Last, but not least, the soon to be Bride:)


Good morning everyone! Well, yesterday was Tahnksgiving and I must say that everything went successfully! For my family, at least, hahahaha I actually didn’t do anything to help this year since I was ultra mega busy with the things for the wedding shower. Today too is going to be a crazy, crazy busy day! My days just seem to be like that recently!

Cheddar Cheese potatoes, Squash Casserole, Kabotchia Squash with butter and brown sugar topping, Carrots, Lettuce, Turkery ( NOT PICTURED: Apple Pie, Banana Pudding, Rolls)

This morning I need to teach, then get my nails done, then run after flowers, teach in the afternoon, get ready to go to classes at night, teach at night, then go home and open the party room to start organizing some things. Tomorrow morning I will have to go teach in the morning then get home at NOON because the shower starts at TWO, and everything needs to be set up! OMG. I just realized I forgot to make tea, so inbetween today and tomorrow I really need to make about 5 liters of tea too. Awesome.

Other than teaching, eating, and working on wedding shower things.. I have done absolutely NOTHING else!

At the moment I am quite angry due to the fact  that it is black Friday and the sales are starting and I can’t buy anything but only watch through the computer:/ *sigh*


What a busy busy day!

Well, today is going to be crazy busy I need to go home and wash clothes because when you live alon, clothes just kind of seem to accumulate. This afternoon I am going to wash dishes to get things ready for my wedding shower on Saturday. I decided to do a tea party, cute and leegant so some friends and I have been working on decorations and such. /

Just thought I’d show you guys a pic, more of a teaser, once Saturday comes and goes I shall post the full event complete with pics!

Wedding Shower Invites made with wax paper, hand written directions and information on front and back, hand sewn, with a  cinnamon tea bag 

Today is Thanksgiving! So, Happy Thanksgiving you guys! Tonight I will be going to a Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house. Later I’ll post pics!

Hope you guys have a greay day! Happy Thanksgiving!

How Ten Minutes Can Make a Difference

By looking at the pic, I think that I really don’t need to post anything, but I shall! I took the courage to take a pic of myself sans hair and makeup done, and ten minutes later after I did my hair and makeup. Guess how long it took? Ten minutes. Yeah, that’s right, only ten minutes and it makes a huge difference.

As women, we need to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we get so busy that we think we don’t have time to take care of ourselves, but as a friends once told me, “If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will”. So don’t complain to me that you never have time to take care of yourself.  I’m not saying that you should dress up like you were going to a party, but just fix your hair and face. Invest in products to take care of your skin as you get older.  Straighten, Curl, or Blowdry your hair .Whatever it takes.

Just don’t ever forget you are a woman and that you need different cares then man .All they need to do is wash their hair and brush their teeth, for women it takes a bit more. Some men ( or a lot) say ” I don’t understand why you have to do all that to get ready in the morning.. but when you don’t do “all that to get ready in the morning” they notice. And you notice. When I used to do that, I didn’t feel so great anymore, I would feel kind of like a slob. Then, this year I decided that I must take care of myself every single day, and it really has made a difference in the way I look and the way I feel.

I guess what I am trying to say is.. take care of yourself, your beauty, your body your health. You’ll never regret it!