The Perfectly Pretty Ponytail

So, I’ve been EXTREMELY bored with my hair recently.. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing the sam darn look every day.. I always read thesmallthingsblog and she has some awesome hairdos, the only problem is that I think my hair may be too thick for her hairdos. I should try them with wet hair because I always try them when my hair is straightened and dry.. so that means it should probably be more difficult to hold. Today I FINALLY was able to do a hairstyle ( probably because it is SUPER simple and SUPER easy) but I really do like it and it gave a normal hairdo a nice touch.

Recently trimmed bangs thanks to thesmallthingsblog

The “Perfectly Pretty” Ponytail

* By the way, forgive the oily skin. I live in Brazil, Londrina to be precise. It’s 95 degrees here and I don’t have ac. In other words: TORTURE.

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