Dresses at Work

I have always loved wearing dresses. For some reason I think that all women should wear dresses- even in day to day life. It seems like it makes the woman appear more feminine and delicate. I do believe though, that there is a dress for every occasion. So, I thought I’d show some different approprite styles.

Dresses for the workplace:

Try to choose dresses that are more closed on top, I usually prefer dresses with sleeves, but that’s a personal choice. Try more serious tones and not light colors such as light blue, yellow, lilac, etc.

During the summer I end up wearing a lot of dresses and skirts to work… it’s much cooler and I feel more at ease in them than in jeans ( waaay too hot for Brazilian weather!) The only problem I sometimes find is finding a dress closed enough on top to wear. I have two dresses that I love wearing to work, One is navy blue and has sleeves and I always wear with a waist belt and the other is a brownish color , but it’s sleeveless, I also wear it with a waist belt. Both have scooped necklines and are just a bit above the knee.

When you go to work, what do you prefer wearing?


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