Five things I miss about the United States

Well, the last time that I went to the US was in 2008.. so it’s been over 4 years that I’ve been there. I love Brazil, don’t get me wrong.. but there are a lot of things I miss from the US.

1. Authentic Mexican Food

Mushed beans and cut of avocados aren’t really what I call Mexican food. I need the real thing, ya know what I mean?

2. Cheap Makeup

Eveything here is SO expensive.. I miss all the cheap makeup. I sswear the US makes people prettier due to the great prices!

3. My family

I haven’t seen my family in a looong time

4. Facility in Shopping.

It’s amazing how everything is to easy to achieve in the US… Cars, clothes, Electronics.. I don’t think many Americans realize how cheap things are there! Here we have to work  A LOT to be able to have some of the simple things we have…

5. Easily Acessible Entertainment.. So here in Londrina, there isn’t really anything to do unless you drink beer.. or if you want to eat. Other than that, there’s only walking around the shopping mall. No skating rinks, bowling alleys ( other than the uber expensive ones at the mall) , fun museums, nada.. Just food and shopping ( I love shopping, but sometimes it’s fun to do something different!)


What about you? What do you miss most?


2 comentários sobre “Five things I miss about the United States

  1. Valdir Demartine disse:

    Well, beyond all unexpensive stuff you mentioned, what i miss the most, is the easy going life we can have there. People in US seams to live less preoccupide about what others will think about themselves, like: what you wear, what you think, where you live or the car you drive doesn’t make a lot difference to others. I mean, Even though you can buy all the stuff you “think” you need much easier than in Brazil, if you don’t have them doesn’t really matters. Sorry if Iwasn’t clear enough, my english is getting pouer each day.

    • brazilmeetsamerica disse:

      I get what you mean Valdir, People there are more easy-going, they life a less stressful life. There are a lot of things I love from there.. and also a few things I don’t love. I wish I could make a Brazil/America to have everything in one place!

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