Let’s talk about hair

As a child I always used to have short hair. And I hated it.

See? The oogly-eyed girl is me!

Ok, just kidding, no more baby pics now.. I will show you a kiddo pic!

Even as a little tot, I always had short, red hair

My mother used to love to give me those bowl cuts ( I’m the one in green)

I grew up always having short, short hair. Finally, one day I rebelled and decided to let it grow out.. which I did:

For my 15th birthday, I did the typical Brazilian party

Soon after my birthday, I chopped off half of all that hair, as seen here:

Something always made me go back to short hair!

I’ve always liked growing my hair out a little then chopping it off. Unfortunately, I didn’t always use the same hairdresser… so sometimes I ended up with a REALLY bad haircut, like this:

I cried so much when I saw what the haircutter did to my hair.. Thankfully it grew out quickly!

I usually kept to short/medium length haircuts, they seemed to be more practical and since I  didn’t have money to invest in my hair, it was easier to cut it then to maintain it

Many different years of short hair

I believe that now my hair is the longest that it has been in a long while, due to the fact that I am growing it out so I can play around with it for the wedding. During this process, however, I decided that I wanted to grow it out to donate to locks of love again.

For those of you who don’t know what locks of love is, check out their site: http://www.locksoflove.org/

They make natural hair wigs for children with cancer, who wouldn’t be able to purchases a wig like these otherwise. To donate all you need to do is cut off 10 inches of hair, there are some specifications about what has been done to the hair, but since I’ve never colored my hair or anything, I just chop it off!

Nowadays I spend at least 50 reais a month ( 25 dollars) taking care of my hair.. this is WITHOUT shampoo or haircuts For shampoo I use tresemmé shampoo and a conditioner whose name I don’t remember. Recently I’ve been cutting my hair at the same salon that i used to cut my hair at when I was younger. She is a really good stylist and knows how to cut my hair really well. I have very thick and wavy hair, so it’s difficult for people to get the cut right! She has been helping me grow it out by giving me good tips and keeping my bangas and split ends at bay.

My daily hair routine is washing and shampooing, sometimes I give it a conditioner bath, but only if I have time ( more on those later). Then I leave it in a towel while I get dressed and do my makeup, that way my hair will only be damp by the time I get around to blowdrying it. I blowdry it then I separate my hair into layers and straighten it with my wet2dry remington straightener ( the best ever, in my opinion)  On each layer I spray my hair with the gloss shine.

Sometimes I use different products in my hair to help it out, especially lots of conditioner baths and sometimes I use cream gloss to put in my hair BEFORE drying it, to protect it from the blowdryer heat.

Anyhow, as you can see a have a love for hair. if it’s short or long to me it doesn’t matter- I LOVE hair!

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