Blue and Yellow

I love the combination of blue and yellow I love it SO much that I have a lot of yellow clothes and I like to put it with a blue piece to enhance the whole look:) I also love it SO much that all of my wedding decorations are blue and yellow:)

On Tuesday nights I have Bible study at my pastor’s house. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear, recently I have been trying to dress a little better than normal, not just stick to the classic jeans and tshirt ( which would actually be cute if I have some good acessories, but I don’t, haha) The pic below is actually a really BAD pic due to the weird flash setting on the camera and the fact that it was night and windy/threatening to storm.

Sweater- Billie    Purse-a small store nearby    Shirt-a small store nearby   

Shorts- Hering  Shoes- a small store nearby

Again,  a terrible pic but just for you to get an idea of the outfit. Don’t look at my face. I said  don’t.  As you can tell, I love to shop at small stores. For some reason it seems like they carry a better product than large stores. The salespeople are nicer too.

Anyhow, Bible study was really fun last night, it starts at 10 30 and ends around midnight. yesterday we stayed there until 1 am in the morning talking… and eating, which is a bad habit so don’t follow what I do, haha.  The hard thing was waking up at 7 this morning to be able to go to work. Oh well, you win some you lose some!

See you guys later!


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