So I believe that all of us Americans infiltrated in Brazil can unanimously agree that nothing beats the Brazilian rasteirinha. It’s basically an embellished flipflop- and perfectly acceptable for work attire! What could be better than working in pretty flip-flops? Really? Nothing.


Two are mine, the other two are inspiration( since I didn’t have pics of my other rasteirinhas)

Although I am addicted/in love with heels, for work I prefer using rasteirinhas due to the fact that they are more practical and during the day I usually end up doing a LOT of walking. One time I calculated, and without walking around aimlessly downtown, I walk at least 5 kilometers a day.

The good about rasteirinhas is that since they are relatively cheap, you can own several pairs to mix and match with various outfits! I personally have the two yellow ones shown above, a darker brown one, and a leopard print one! I love them all:) I found a cute store only a block away where rasteirinhas are pretty cheap, all around 50 reais each ( 25 dollars) . Just for you to have an idea, at a normal show store, rasteirinhas are minimum 8 reais ( 40 dollars) After I bought the first pair and saw that it really was good quality, I started buying shoes only there.

All  in all, rasteirinhas are the most practical and yet, still cute shoes ever to work in:)


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