The Green Dress

I have the personal belief that there ia nothing better in the world than going shopping! What couls be more fun than looking at thousands of clothes and being able to try all of them on?  In my opinion, nothing:) hahaha

So yesterday my fiancé offered to take me to Zara at the shopping mall (in other words, I dragged him, haha)  to look for a dress for me to get married in at the civil ceremony. The civil ceremony is only going to be in December, but like any sane woman, I like to look  beforehand:) Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything and was beginning to get a little frustrated, but thankfully, I found the PERFECT dress for the ceremony, buuuut I will only post pics of the complete outfit once I actually wear it! While trying on these thousands of dresses, I found another one that I really liked…and really couldnt standjust leaving it there.. so my lovely man made me buy both- which made me very, very happy!

A green, lace dress with the soft touch of the open back

I love high-waisted, flowy dresses!

As you can probably already tell, I love soft looks with flowy pieces, and anything that has lace! The prices for Zara here in Brazil are normal, I think it’s all based on the dollar and they only convert it. For this dress I paid 139 reais ( about 75 dollars). It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t all that bad either- I really felt it was worthwhile. Here in Brazil it’s impossible to buy high quality clothes for cheap! My heels are from a sale at Queen Shoes, from 160 reais ( 80 dollars) I paid 80 reais( 40 dollars)- an awesome price! As you can also tell: I LOVE sales:D


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