What’s in your bag?

I always find it interesting when people post about their purse or what’s in their purse. Maybe just because I’m nosey and like to think that I’m not the only person who carries their whole world with them!

So, today I decided to post MY purse and belongings:)


1. Primer

2. Sunglasses ( with lovely purple case!)

3. Pouch to put monthly women’s needs

4. Change purse for loose coins

5. Mouth Spray to freshen up

6. Mary Kay hand lotion

7. Nivea lip balm

8. Burt’s Bees lip balm

9. Business cards

10. Daily Planner

11.Make up case ( super important!)

12. Eyeshadow brush

13. Eyebrow Brush

14. ID

15.  Headache Medicine

Things that usually go in my purse but aren’t in the pic

1. My camera!

2. My keys that are connected to another coin pouch which holds my credit cards and receipts:D That way I can never forget my wallet, hahaha

About my purse, I found a purse a little while back at a cute purse store in the nearby shopping mall, unfortunately the purse BROKE and I had to return it.. when they returned it… another part was broken and I told them I didn’t want to keep receiving broken pieces… sooo, they said I could choose any purse in the store:) I found this one which is really big and can fit all my stuff in it. It has an inside part that will actually come out if I unsnap it, but I always leave it in. The outer part I just recently started using to put my agenda in!


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