Brazilian Pedi/Manicures

So, if there’s one thing that I loved about Brazil, it’s Pedicures and Manicures. really, there’s no other place in the world that has the best manicures- and for so cheap! Here I pay 22 reais to do my hand and feet ( about 11 dollars!). I used to try and do it myself, but it never turns out being the same.. I finally decided that it wasn’t worth all the frustration of trying to do them and that it’s much better to pay someone to do it for me:)

Today I went to do my hands and feet. I do my hands every week and my feet about every 15 days.  I usually do red hands and either white or red feet, but I decided that I was sick of just having red toes and fingers so I chose a grey color with purple tips.

A colored french pedicure, grey nail with a darker tip- in this case a dark purple

On my hand I decided to do something a little different that is “na moda” ( trendy) here now, It’s called a ” filha solteira” (only daughter). All nails are painted the same color, in this case the light gray, except for one nail which is painted another color, in this case the same dark purple that I used on my feet!

                                                          See? Just the ring finger!


Here it is again, it loves to shine;)

Something that I’ve seen that is crazily different here in Brazil to the US is that the women are extremely caeful about their hands and feet. EVERYONE must have their nails done! if they can’t pay a manicurist, then they do it themselves! They way they paint their nails here is really different too. I went to a manicurist in Atlanta once that basically only files and painted my nails, trying not to make too much of a mess- which generally means that not all of the nail was covered. Here, they soak your hands in water, put cream on yoru cuticles, then cut off the cuticles . Then they file the nail square or rounded ( whichever you prefer) then they cover the WHOLE nail and around it with polish and take the excess off with a wooden cuticle pusher with cotton on the end ( which they wet with finger nail polish remover). One day I’ll see if I can convince my manicurist to let me take pictures of her doing it step by step haha

There’s a new trend that I’m itching to try… I just needs my nails to cooperate and let me play around with them ( they NEVER grow): Fuzzy nails!!

Soon, Soon mynails shall be fuzzy too!


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